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The Sprayer

A reluctant soldier in a despotic army hides a wondrous discovery from his commander.

2022, Islamic Republic of Iran, 9 minutes
Directed by Farnoosh Abedi

Pretty Pickle

As he spends more time with his new girlfriend, a young man begins to privately dwell upon one of her quirks, leading him to a troubling discovery.

2022, USA, 13 minutes
Directed by Jim Vendiola

Bobby Drowns

Haunted by her recently dead ex, a woman seeks help from an eccentric expert.

2022, USA, 12 minutes
Directed by Christopher Krider

Luz & Fer

A troubled woman traverses a nightmare woven of memory in search of the sister who turned away from her into darkness.

2016, Switzerland, 7 minutes
Directed by Alejandra Cardona


A devoted housewife focuses on preparing dinner for her unappreciative family while their home life disintegrates into madness around her.

2019, USA, 14 minutes
Directed by Tommy Hallal

The Grief Cube

A young man needs help to puzzle out the device he’s been given to help him cope with a recent loss.

2021, USA, 27 minutes
Directed by Adam Cox