A desperate junky sells his body into a deranged experiment in order to satisfy his need.

2014, Finland, 20 minutes
Directed by Artturi Olavi Rostén and Esa Jussila

Winner: Best Special Effects Award


A man survives a life-or-death struggle with his toothbrush.

2017, USA, 2 minutes
Directed by Tyler Meyer


Devastated by the loss of his beloved pet, a man hires the services of an unorthodox grief counselor.

2016, USA, 17 minutes
Directed by Michael Elliott Dennis

Winner: Festival Director’s Award

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A hungover layabout struggles to recall the previous night’s debauchery — specifically, what became of his neighbor’s cat.

2017, United Kingdom, 8 minutes
Directed by Francis Quigley


A young girl goes to extreme measures to convince her parents to buy a dog.

2017, Canada, 5 minutes
Directed by Nicole Steeves and Struan Sutherland

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