Meet the Sickies!

The crown jewel of the BizarroLand Film Festival is the Sickie. Originally designed by Brad Bailey and thenceforth sculpted and hand painted by Orlando artists Paul and Debra Berg, the Sickie is the coveted totem of excellence in cinematic weirdness. Thirteen Sickies are given out each year in categories celebrating stand-out achievements in bizarreness, including the Mink Stole Award for the most brain-searingly unforgettable performance and the Weirdest Boner Award for the most unsettlingly sexy scene. Attendees will choose the Audience Favorite Award for both features and shorts, and then finally, there are the most desperately, feverishly desired of all: the Pink Tentacle and the Golden Tentacle, which are only awarded to the short and feature films (respectively) that best exemplify the spirit of BizarroLand.