Womxn Time Machine

When a tightly knit Black community loses one of their own to police violence, they hope to build a time machine to undo the tragedy.

2022, France, 13 minutes
Directed by Adrien Peskine and Anthony Peskine

Winner: Soulcrusher Award

Wasted Potential

When the cafe is out of his usual, a tea drinker with a sensitive tummy tries coffee and finds it has some startling effects.

2022, USA, 8 minutes
Directed by Jeremiah Rosario and Zachary Hatch

Truck Dad

A drunk man with an unbelievable past shares his childhood with a confidant at a bar. Hilarity ensues.

2022, USA, 5 minutes
Directed by Tamir Rawling and Bradley Wilkinson


On a bird-watching hike through the woods, a woman finds herself the target of a menacing force.

2022, USA, 14 minutes
Directed by Maxwell Seiler

Toka Bamba (A Tale of Love and Fire)

Deep within the darkness of the jungle, a small group of people have created a new way of life, but one of them remembers a different world.

2022, Denmark, 14 minutes
Directed by Jes Bergholt Bach and Magnus Lund Nielsen

The Sprayer

A reluctant soldier in a despotic army hides a wondrous discovery from his commander.

2022, Islamic Republic of Iran, 9 minutes
Directed by Farnoosh Abedi

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