Masking Threshold

An antisocial engineer sequesters himself in his home and goes to extreme lengths to investigate a strange noise in his head.

2021, Austria, 91 minutes
Directed by Johannes Grenzfurthner

Laguna Ave

A laid-off editor gets drawn into the paranoid world of his mysterious transhumanist neighbor.

2021, USA, 80 minutes
Directed by David Buchanan

Eating Cars

After an ugly breakup, and aimless slacker decides to burn all her bridges and leave Los Angeles.

2021, USA, 92 minutes
Directed by Trevor Hollen

Brain Death

When her girlfriend mysteriously disappears, a “very online” trans woman travels to an eerie small town and finds herself stalked by a malevolent presence.

2021, USA, 87 minutes
Directed by WL Freeman and John Harrison

Winner: Audience Favorite Feature Award

Night of the Rumpus

On the anniversary of her girlfriend’s violent death, a woman chooses to brave a city-wide revelry where she encounters the suspicious malcontent everyone suspects committed the murder.

2019, USA, 81 minutes
Directed by Jorge Torres-Torres


An overbooking at a luxury rental property places two couples in uncomfortable proximity, and their festering insecurities boil over into tragedy.

2020, United Kingdom, 81 minutes
Directed by Michael Fausti

Winner: Audience Favourite Feature Award

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