A kidnap victim struggles to make sense of his tormentor’s motives.

2016, USA, 13 minutes
Directed by Stuart Valberg

Winner: Scariest Award


Haunted by the intense scrutiny of her figure, a fashion model retreats to her dressing room to indulge her appetite.

2012, Germany, 7 minutes
Directed by Ines Berwing

My Life Is a Dream

Cousin Wonderlette embarks on a dream odyssey, witnessing visions of hunky beachgoers, psychotic housewives, and her own contemptuous mother.

2015, USA, 8 minutes
Directed by Brian Benson

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Finger Painting

A chronic masturbator is sent to a shady therapist by her sex-phobic mother.

2015, Australia, 10 minutes
Directed by Hazel Annikki Savolainen

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