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A. I. Mama

A programmer in a dead-tech future feeds their memories into a program designed to conjure their lost mother.

2020, USA, 5 minutes
Directed by Asuka Lin

Winner: Dumpster Diver Award


An adult man accepts an ill-advised invitation to a young girl’s house.

2018, USA, 8 minutes
Directed by Benjamin Swicker


People sow, nurture, and venerate plants with less-than-subtle resemblances to human anatomy.

2019, United Kingdom, 3 minutes
Directed by Chenyao Zhang


A seemingly benign job interview launches a candidate into a transcendent journey of transformation.

2015, USA, 14 minutes
Directed by Brandon Polanco

Almost There

A shy passenger observes the kaleidoscopic array of humanity flowing around her on a train.

2019, United Kingdom, 9 minutes
Directed by Nelly Michenaud

Winner: Audience Favorite Short Award