Connecting the Dots

On the eve of Y2K, a young woman’s plan to send a message to her abusive landlord explodes into chaos in her apartment.

2019, USA, 17 minutes
Directed by Julie Pacino

Optic Nerve

Alone on a stormy night, a man sends himself into a spiraling psychedelic nightmare in an attempt to exorcise his demons.

2019, USA, 15 minutes
Directed by Peter Hartsock

Winner: Rumpshaker Award

The Mumbler

An anxious young woman seeks a replacement for the corrective device she and all stutterers are forced to wear.

2019, USA, 13 minutes
Directed by Madison Bounds

The Cone of Shame

An excitable teen misfit attempts to liberate his basement-imprisoned brother and escape their malevolent parents.

2017, USA, 10 minutes
Directed by Mike Sweetland


Inconsolable after the loss of his beloved companion, a cat lover pens a letter to explain his impending suicide.

2019, USA, 10 minutes
Directed by Brian Zahm

Winner: Cringetastic Award

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