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Jane Dark must transform into the shero WOMXN to protect her community from the European Normale Police.

2018, France, 5 minutes
Directed by Adrien Gystere Peskine and Eden Tinto Collins

Winner: Mink Stole Award

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Womxn Time Machine

When a tightly knit Black community loses one of their own to police violence, they hope to build a time machine to undo the tragedy.

2022, France, 13 minutes
Directed by Adrien Peskine and Anthony Peskine

Winner: Soulcrusher Award


A woman tormented by recurring dreams discovers a mysterious and deviant house of pleasure where she is forced to confront her inner self.

2018, USA, 38 minutes
Directed by Ace Thor

Winner: The Golden Tentacle


A moving mandala in two movements explaining wordlessly the Hungarian entity Xamarim.

2017, Hungary, 7 minutes
Directed by Bálint Rafael Kelen


When he cracks an egg for his breakfast, a man has no inkling of the epic confrontation awaiting him.

2019, Canada, 3 minutes
Directed by Renee Y. Liang

Zombie Bites Werewolf

Deep in meth country, a guy just wants to make some pizza with his buddy, but his werewolf brother gets bitten by a zombie, ruining their plans.

2018, USA, 9 minutes
Directed by Charlie Anderson