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A moving mandala in two movements explaining wordlessly the Hungarian entity Xamarim.

2017, Hungary, 7 minutes
Directed by Bálint Rafael Kelen

Endless Content Forever

A small YouTuber loses her mind as the world falls apart, consuming endless amounts of bad content.

2022, USA, 72 minutes
Directed by Jacob Gregor

Winner: Audience Favorite Feature Award, Mr. Festival Director’s Award

Perverted Appetite

An elderly couple find themselves in the clutches of home invaders with inscrutable motives.

2022, United Kingdom, 14 minutes
Directed by Daniel Turvil

Gone in a Flash

Jim Choma was a pioneer in the early days of edgy internet comedy, but with the death of Flash, his rise to fame was unceremoniously severed.

2018, USA, 3 minutes
Directed by Justin Zimmerman

Winner: Audience Favorite Award


For two women traveling at night, what begins as a routine traffic stop quickly evolves into something much more bizarre and sinister.

2020, Canada, 16 minutes
Directed by Christopher Beaubien