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Sick Fuck

An intense young man comes on pretty strong during a first date and excuses himself to exorcise his frustrations.

2021, USA, 11 minutes
Directed by Rob Haffey

Toka Bamba (A Tale of Love and Fire)

Deep within the darkness of the jungle, a small group of people have created a new way of life, but one of them remembers a different world.

2022, Denmark, 14 minutes
Directed by Jes Bergholt Bach and Magnus Lund Nielsen


On a secluded getaway, a young woman discovers not only that her boyfriend plans to propose, but also that her body has been infected with malignant parasites.

2022, USA, 14 minutes
Directed by Will Lee


Tormented by a sadistic lover and a domineering mother, a pitiful manchild succumbs to violence.

2015, Brazil, 20 minutes
Directed by Luciano de Azevedo

Holy F__k

A priest spars with a demon but struggles to achieve his holy release.

2017, United Kingdom, 9 minutes
Directed by Chris Chalklen