Ashley Glass’s song about the frustrations of lockdown horniness depicted in glitch animation.

2020, USA, 3 minutes
Directed by Cary and Jon

Winner: Festival Director’s Award


A young woman visits her newly inherited home with her musician boyfriend, but the retreat grows tumultuous as the couple begin having surreal visions.

2021, USA, 33 minutes
Directed by Scott Bolger

Winner: Rumpshaker Award


A compulsive nose picker encounters a bogey that refuses to release him.

2019, USA, 10 minutes
Directed by Ariel Zengotita

Winner: Sickest Award


A teen boy is humiliated when a unique body feature of his is exposed on social media.

2020, Denmark, 12 minutes
Directed by Theis Holmstrup, Jes Bergholt Bach

Winner: Wrongest Award


A sad sack finds some small solace from his miserable life in a peculiar book.

2021, USA, 4 minutes
Directed by Anthony Oberbeck

Winner: Cringetastic Award

Floaters Dot Com

Two brothers find themselves at odds when one of them is caught ripping off the shadowy organization they work for.

2021, USA, 30 minutes
Directed by Stephen Girard

Winner: Audience Favorite Short Award, The Golden Tentacle

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