Womxn Time Machine

When a tightly knit Black community loses one of their own to police violence, they hope to build a time machine to undo the tragedy.

2022, France, 13 minutes
Directed by Adrien Peskine and Anthony Peskine

Winner: Soulcrusher Award

Wild Bones

Tensions mount between two estranged sisters over their conflicting memories of their dead father.

2022, United Kingdom, 87 minutes
Directed by Jack James

Wasted Potential

When the cafe is out of his usual, a tea drinker with a sensitive tummy tries coffee and finds it has some startling effects.

2022, USA, 8 minutes
Directed by Jeremiah Rosario and Zachary Hatch

Truck Dad

A drunk man with an unbelievable past shares his childhood with a confidant at a bar. Hilarity ensues.

2022, USA, 5 minutes
Directed by Tamir Rawling and Bradley Wilkinson


On a bird-watching hike through the woods, a woman finds herself the target of a menacing force.

2022, USA, 14 minutes
Directed by Maxwell Seiler

Toka Bamba (A Tale of Love and Fire)

Deep within the darkness of the jungle, a small group of people have created a new way of life, but one of them remembers a different world.

2022, Denmark, 14 minutes
Directed by Jes Bergholt Bach and Magnus Lund Nielsen

The Sprayer

A reluctant soldier in a despotic army hides a wondrous discovery from his commander.

2022, Islamic Republic of Iran, 9 minutes
Directed by Farnoosh Abedi

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