Help Bring BizarroLand to Life!

Okay, TL;DR — I’m running a DIY crowdfunding campaign for this year’s festival and skipping the crowdfunding platforms. The way it works is simple: you read this page, decide what kind of support you want to give/perk you want to get, and then you go to and send a payment. That’s it! And if there’s something you don’t see on this list that you’d like to talk about, just hit me up; I’m open to all ideas.

Let’s See Those Perks!

Backer Exclusive T-shirt! — $50

Clothe your filthy meat in a rag emblazoned with an exclusive 2024 BizarroLand Film Festival design that will not be available for sale outside this support campaign!


  • $0 if you plan to pick it up at the fest
  • $5 to ship in the US
  • $15 to ship internationally

Early VIP Pass! — $100

VIP Passes are going up to $125 this year, but if you pledge your support now, you can wrangle yourself a sweet little discount and get one for just $100. A VIP Pass will get you into every film screening of the festival as well as the opening- and closing-night parties.

VIP Passes are nontransferable and nonrefundable. Travel/lodging not included.

Dinner with the programmers! — $150

Enjoy a night out with the weirdos who run this show! Stephen and Jen will take you someplace in Orlando, which could mean anything from haute cuisine and cocktails to Mad Dog 20/20 in the Wendy’s drive-through. Embrace the adventure!

Limit four (4) backers. Travel/lodging not included.

Name the Audience Award! — $200/$250

You get to rename the Audience Favorite Award whatever you want*! Name it after your business or your childhood pet or your favorite Sailor Moon character or whatever! We’ll print the name right there on the Sickie and say it out loud during the award stream and everything.

  • $200 to rename the Audience Favorite Short Award
  • $250 to rename the Audience Favorite Feature Award

Limit two (2) backers (one for each category).

(* Subject to Stephen’s approval)

Crash the Filmmaker Outings! — $250

Every year, the festival treats visiting filmmakers to a couple of super-secret special outings — and you get to come along for the ride! Past events include mini-golf, alligator encounters, karaoke, and almost always brunch. And what the hell, I’ll throw in a VIP Pass to the festival so you can hang with us the whole weekend.

Limit two (2) backers. Travel/lodging not included.

Your Logo on the Screen! — $500

Get your logo plastered on the screen right under BizarroLand! Don’t have a business, but still want everyone to know who you are? We accommodate all forms of narcissism! We’ll just throw your name or a little cartoon of your face or whatever you want* on the screen every time the BizarroLand logo comes up.

Limit two (2) backers.

(* Subject to Stephen’s approval)

Your Ad on the Screen! — $1,000

Get up to 30 seconds of pre-roll before every screening! Presumably, this perk will go to a business, but hey, we’ll gladly show half a minute of your sixth birthday party or that IG reel you made that got forty likes. Whatever floats your boat*.

Limit two (2) backers. And you have to make your own ad video. (Unless you want to talk about more money…)

(* Subject to Stephen’s approval)

Your Own Custom-Painted Sickie! — $3,000

This is the big one! The Sickie is the coveted crown jewel of the BizarroLand Film Festival. Usually, people have to bust their ass making an incredible film to get their hands on one, but in a shocking concession to the tyranny of capitalism, you can now straight-up buy one! Note that it will definitely not be painted the same as the awards. You can ask for a specific paint job, and I might pass that on to the artist, or I might just decide it should be purple with blue polka dots or something silly like that. I have to have some principle.

Limit one (1) backer. Probably.