Friday, December 8

6:00 PM — Welcome to BizarroLand!
(short films)
A.i. Movie
To Moher
The Sad Messiah
Watercraft (Motomarine)
Spank Patrol
Orange from Memory
Celestial Bodies
Storm in the Seed
Popcorn Shrimp and Dishwater
Bad Hair Day

8:00 PM — The Wheel of Heaven
(feature film)

10:00 PM — Opening-Night Party
(passes required)

Saturday, December 9

2:00 PM — Hippo
(feature film)

4:00 PM — Red Night
(feature film)
Preceded by Musings of a Mechatronic Mistress

6:00 PM — The Scary Door
(short films)
Content: The Lo-Fi Man
Last Sacrifice
Pizza Delivery
The Dark Odyssey 2: Ice Nexus
Habitual Madness
Grand Opening
Interitus Adfectus

8:00 PM — Frogman
(feature film)
Preceded by Flesh Blanket and Sun Rubber Plexus

10:00 PM — The Deep End
(short films)
The Man Who Ate America
AI Artist
Aria in Vanitas
Glory, Hole
Empathy for the Devil
Detektive Thumb and the Infinity House
Jelqing for Gains
Long Live the WACP!

Sunday, December 10

1:00 PM — Super Beef
(feature film)

3:00 PM — Family Matters
(short films)
Road Head
Pizza Stool
Holiday Dada
Good Looking Out
Fine Turkey
Don’t Play with the Cat
Flux Caprice
The Girl Who Cried

5:00 PM — Body Issues
(feature film)
Preceded by Vapeurs and Sometimes I Feel Like I’m Unraveling

6:30 PM — Awards Ceremony

7:00 PM — Closing-Night Party
(passes required)