Bring Orlando’s Brain-Meltingest Film Festival to Life!

Seven years of weird!

BizarroLand was birthed into existence as the Sick ’n’ Wrong Film Festival in 2016. The name has changed, but our mission has always been the same: to unearth the best in weird cinema from all over the world and heave it onto the screen for Orlando’s most audacious weirdos to enjoy. If you’re trying to get your message in front of an adventurous crowd, you won’t find any more valiant souls than the audience at BizarroLand.

The fest went online in 2020 (because, well… you know), and we were able to spread the program across the entire planet. We learned all the technical details to stream everywhere, and when we came back live in 2021, we ran an online fest again, too. This year, as well, BizarroLand will comprise a live and an online component, so you have plenty of opportunities to gain worldwide exposure while also helping bring to life Orlando’s weirdest film festival!

Flagship Sponsorship

With a donation of $5,000, you will be the festival’s sole Flagship Sponsor! You will get:

  • Your name or logo featured prominently on all print material and in the online banner
  • 60 seconds of screen time for your ad to play before every screening, live and online
  • Your banner hanging at the check-in table, and space if you’d like to have a presence
  • Your ad printed on the backs of all the festival badges
  • Your name on the Audience Favorite Feature Award, and the opportunity to present it at the awards ceremony
  • Four VIP passes to the festival

À la Carte Sponsorship

If you’d prefer to choose individual sponsorship benefits, there are plenty available:

  • Sponsor an individual screening program with 60 seconds for your video ad to play before it begins
    • A screening in the live festival — $350
    • A screening in the online festival — $250
  • Sponsor an individual screening program with your ad copy (up to 250 words) and website link in that screening’s description in the online program — $200
  • Sponsor one of the Audience Favorite Awards and have the opportunity to present it at the awards ceremony — $750
  • Have a presence at the check-in table for one day of the live festival — $500
  • Have festival director Stephen Stull deliver a video message thanking you for your sponsorship to all of BizarroLand’s social media during the festival — $150

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

If you have any other ideas about how you’d like to sponsor BizarroLand, we’d love to hear them! Please reach out, and we’ll do everything we can to work out a mutually beneficial arrangement.

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